“It can be a place of meeting, storytelling, remembering, understanding, explanations, forgiveness and letting go. It can help to explain to the rest of the world – to tourists and visiting diplomats and politicians how and why such violence comes about, and how they might prevent future acts in other parts of the world. But finally and perhaps most importantly it can help to transform the attitude and feelings Cambodians have about our selves. We are not proud of our past, we often question ourselves – how could we allow such things to happen. We need mechanisms to understand, and then to see also our own successes.”

– Soth Plai Ngarm

About UsBackground

The Cambodia Peace Museum project provides space for Cambodians to learn about the past. The museum will emphasise how Cambodia has overcome decades of war, celebrating the resilience of the Cambodian spirit.

At the core of the museum is a series of exhibits that showcase Cambodia’s many approaches that created peace and stability, such as work on weapons reduction, landmine clearance, and reconciliation and healing.

These exhibits will demonstrate the unique position of Cambodia to be a centre for peace, where the world can learn from its experiences to contribute sustainable peace everywhere.